Found needing a good dose of love and attention, the vendors immediately saw the potential of Stonehaven. Beautifully positioned, excellently constructed and in a sweet spot, just near enough to everything but just far enough away to really feel the privacy, tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle.

in 2019 having decided to split their time between their home and business in Central Victoria and the warmer climes of Northern NSW the vendors went on the search for new lands. After spending some time in the region the came across Stonehaven. Appearing on the market for the first time in twenty years with the line, “If you are looking for a once in a lifetime project, this beautiful property is looking for its new owner to bring it back to life and really let its potential shine – it could be the perfect match.” To them, the inveterate restorers that they are, it was clear that they were, in fact, the perfect match.

With a lot of renovation and attention to details, upgraded services and even new fencing, Stonehaven has lost nothing of the original architects ideas; open, light filled spaces for relaxed modern living, full of life and close to nature.

While putting time and energy into restoring the property and creating a beautiful and contemporary home, it is time to leave. The vendors have sold their farm in Victoria and need to consolidate into a larger farm. “It’s only been a short time here which makes it, in some ways, difficult to leave. When we first got here the place was very tired and neglected, but we’ve poured or hearts into this place to created something we really love. It will be sad to not grow a bit older here and become a bit more part of the place ”

“We work a lot and so we value our privacy and much prefer to live ‘out of town’ like this. We also love to have guests and family stay. Stonehaven has been perfect for us in that way, but it’s time to turn the page. And that view, nothing can replace that view.”

Moving an old Queenslander farmhouse to the property last year – and not shy of a challenge – the vendors have endeavoured to bring this 3 bedroom timber house back to its former glory. Far from being a white elephant the house is in the final stages of renovation, needing the finishing touches.

“It made sense to us to have a second house on the property, for our friends to come up, or family, and stay a while. Where they can have independence to do what they want, stay longer and come and go as they want.”