The Northern Rivers house the Gondwana Rainforests part of the Australia World Heritage Area, the largest area of subtropical rainforest in the world and home to an abundance of rare and beautiful indigenous flora and fauna.

The nearby national parks are home to a variety of mamals, birds and reptiles some incrediblly rare or endangered. Rare Nightcap Oaks hide in the lush and dense warm temperate rainforest.

Here you may get the chance to see a Spotted-tailed Quoll, Yellow-Bellied Glider or a Rufous Bettong, maybe flying overhead a Red Goshawk or White-eared Monarch might catch your eye.

Closer to home the local forest area is home to Koalas, Panama Wallabies and Echidna. They all happily make their way around the Stonhaven property and without much bothering them.

The resident Kookaburras come and go during the day looking for food and in the evening you may spy one of the Marbled Frogmouths visiting the gullies of the Boomerang Creek hunting for nocturnal insects.